Berlin Web Frontend Co-Picnic 17.6

(Martin Stadler) #1

Hey! My personal dream hopefully comes true when we meet with our awesome Web Frontent Co-Learning group in the park instead of the office.

Let’s organize it here!

(Martin Stadler) #2

@Autarc will find a nice spot in Görlitzer Park and will provide a grill.

The rest can meet at co.up as usual.

(Jessica Jordan) #3

Let’s make this dream come true; I’ll bring cherry streusel cake and some vegan veggie muffins! What about the others?

(giorgia) #4

mh. You know you have to do another one when i’m back, right?? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Martin Stadler) #5

Of course! We’re just practicing :wink:

(Thuy L.) #6

Hey, great idea!

I will bring some fresh and homemade vietnamese summer rolls. I need to know how many people we are going to be.

Everyone, please raise your hand here! :slight_smile:

(Martin Stadler) #7


I don’t think everybody will see this here. I just announced it on I’d expect around 15 people maybe.

(Florian Scheel) #8

I will bring BBQ salmon…

(Florian Scheel) #9

Just bought six pieces of BBQ salmon plus a water melon, will also bring a knife…

(Stefan Dühring) #10

Great, on my way looking for spot at the Görli :smile:

(Thuy L.) #11


I am sorry, I can not make it today. I somehow missed the follow up discussions here, too and preparing summer rolls takes a bit time. So I hope there will be another BBQ event this summer. :slight_smile: Enjoy.

(Nora) #12


Unfortunately Hanna and I won’t make it tonight either, altough we would have loved to come! Our days were a bit too stressful…but we will make it up to you with a special surprise-picnic-treat for everyone at the usual meetup next week or the one after that! Have fun and enjoy the food! :slight_smile:

(Martin Stadler) #13

Thanks everyone, it was fun! Especially @anaketa for preparing grill and the sweet bread on stick :wink:

Should do this again.

(Gen Ashley) #14

Sounds like you all had a great time! Wish I can join you next time. Been a bit hectic for me lately, so just catching up on messages here.