Building an HTML/CSS Workshop

(Mina Nagy Zaki) #81

Hello everyone!
I’m a bit late to the party, but I’d love to join as a coach. I’ll be going through the material today.

Mina Nagy

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(DeFunc Art) #82

Hey guys, I can coach as well! James

(giorgia) #83

Never too late, welcome on board everybody!! ^^

@Kaj sorry my bad, i was wrong to wrote your nickname anyway nice to hear that you are on a good way with the slides. Can you also update the with your “bit of history” for Html please?
And i don’t know exactly how, but we should explain in the intro also how to use the console. Or at least how to open!
Yes i will do the OTS presentation

(Stefan Dühring) #84

@matthew & @anaketa:
I just setup the german localization of the index page. So far I am not sure whats the best way to handle multiple languages with Jekyll, but I guess the main index in the root directory should just provide and overview of the available translations. It could therefore include links to the different introduction pages. Any thoughts on that ?

(stiller-leser) #85

@anaketa Don’t worry. I could have jumped the ship :wink: I’ll update the index as soon as I’m done!

(giorgia) #86

mhmm yes i think the best way is to make the index a page with ots thema and two links as content: German | English And then the current index.

(Mohamed Ashraf) #87

Hello guys,
This would be my first time for one of the OTS sessions but I wish to join as a mentor for this workshop. I am still looking through the material but I should be ready by the time of the workshop.

see you there

(giorgia) #88

Hi Mohamed! Great you join us!
If you have any questions about material or the workshop, just ask :slight_smile:
Anyway isn’t so difficult so if anyone doesn’t have time for finish to read it isn’t a big deal. We all know how to create an img in html i guess :stuck_out_tongue:

(bettina) #89

@autarc Translations? Do you need them to be proofread? If so, which ones?

(bettina) #90

Advanced-ish CSS Workshop

It’s pretty awesome to see the huge waiting list and the number of coaches on this beginner workshop. I can’t wait for this to happen on Saturday.

We have to start thinking about the advanced workshop already, but I am working a lot at my new job. Is there anyone who can help me organize the advanced CSS workshop?

We talked about having the advanced workshop be three weeks after the first one, so that would be Nov. 9.

But no one seems to have written any training materials yet?

So CSS coaches, could I just get some non-binding feedback on how many of you could

a. write on a training topic
b. coach on Nov. 9 (or later November)
c. help me organize this workshop?

If this is too much for us, then I would suggest moving the workshop to early 2013…

(Stefan Dühring) #91

Not yet thanks. I just got the overview so far, but will hopefully add the other pages later on :wink:

(Matthew Iversen) #92

Unfortunately Jekyll doesn’t have any inbuilt considerations for internationalization in the software, Sphinx is slightly better on this front. At the moment I think the simplest thing to do would be to include other languages under a folder prefix, not dissimilar to how you’ve committed them so far.

(giorgia) #93

Guys please there are 3 PR to be reviewed, can someone check them?


(bettina) #94

@Autarc Oh, I see now that you are writing in German. I don’t think I’m the best person to proofread that :wink:

(bettina) #95

@anaketa I can proofread your English on the pull request, but I’m not sure how clone it from GitHub?

(giorgia) #96

@bettina s far as i know when there is a PR you should correct it on the PR, so write a comment/inline comment there and i will modify later on.

(m_besser) #97

Wow, time is fleeting. The workshop is tomorrow already :smile:
I’d like to know if there’s a kind of coach schedule? Is there something to be prepared/set up on the venue? Would it be good to arrive early (like 9am, 10am)? What are your (organizers) plans?
Questions upon questions :wink:

(giorgia) #98

Thanks @m_besser that you come out with it, i was almost forgot it!

For all the coaches: Tomorrow we meet at ImmobilienScout Cafeteria at 10.00 am
Please be in time.
There will be a short intro about how to be coach, what to do and what not.
And time for your eventual questions, of’course.

Venue is all prepared by Immobilien. There will be prezel, coffie and drinks from Immobilien (i hope :stuck_out_tongue: )

We wait for the learner at 11am and than we will present workshop schedule to them.
Than we have:

  • OTS presentation
  • Coaches presentation
  • Workshop Intro (by kaj… right?)
    And finally start to work!
    Till 18/18.30 more or less

@Autarc @Kaj @Alex @m_besser @mnzaki @defuncart @m0hamed @qate_oh @mrflix @clrcrtq

(giorgia) #99

Guys there are still three PR to review! Pleaseee someone can Review them!?!?

If no one will review them i will merge them without review, this evening!
(except for the one from @Autarc because i don’t know if can break everything or not )

(stiller-leser) #100

@anaketa Yes, the intro will be done by me - you find the presentation over my pull-request, or just follow this link: Thanks for whoever corrected my messy pull-request last night - guess it was way to late :smile:


P.S. WUHU 100. answer