Call for coaches - git workshop in Berlin

(Benjamin Kampmann) #21

On a little more advanced topics like this, a ratio of 1-to-5 works fine. Also, remember that there is a no-show-rate of 30% on good weather up to 50%. So I’d suggest we can even increase this number to 40 to 45 with the current number of coaches.

(ellen) #22

Ok, I changed the limit to 45.

(stiller-leser) #23

Alright, cool even more people :slight_smile: Probably a good thing to include the a certain uncertainty rate…

(stiller-leser) #24

Just as a headsup, it’s going to be brown and green:

EDIT: Confused the dates, the demo is on the 26th, the workshop on the 27th. My bad :slight_smile:

(Stephan Klinger) #25

Hey there, i’m very sorry. i made a mistake with dates and can not come tomorrow. i hope you have a great workshop!

(Benjamin Kampmann) #26

Morning everyone,

reminder, this is the curriculum we are going to use. As part of the curriculum you’ll be asked by learners for your github and which repo they should be using. So, please don’t forget to fork/update your fork of [OpenTechSchool/Underground][2].

And lastly a quick reminder to skim through our Coaches Guidelines to remind oneself what they are about :slight_smile: .

Alright everyone,
let’s role!


(Benjamin Kampmann) #27

Great work everyone. It went super well.

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