Call for coaches: Python Co-learning meetup

(Alvaro Alonso) #1

Hi there!

it turns out the most of our coaches won’t be able to make to the next two Python Co-learning meetups on the 5.2 and the 19.2.
From the regular coaches is just basically me. So if anyone else with some python experience could come and support us in one of the above dates, would be great!

Meetup links:
05.02 -
19.02 -



I have some experience


Maybe we could make a join workshop Ruby&Python? I could help with Python along side Ruby.


Hey Alvaro, do you mind if I post it on Facebook?

(Alvaro Alonso) #5

Not at all!! I was thinking of doing the same. :slight_smile:

(Alvaro Alonso) #6

@siemieniec that’s a good idea. My only concern is if too many people show up to both meetups. But I think we can better assert that on Monday depending on how many people RSVP. I will be in Co-Up early, to see if can arrange that.

@Ochwada I’ll be happy, if you can make it :slight_smile:


@alvaro I think I can make it on both days. Just let me know the plan.


Ok, posted on the Opentechschool Berlin page :slight_smile:

(Nicco Kunzmann) #9

Hi, I would like to post this to the Python-user-Group. These are newcomers and do not know where to look.
Could you edit the description above to include links to the events?

(Alvaro Alonso) #10

@niccokunzmann done :wink:

@ochwada just try to be there before 19:30. But basically you dont have to do much, bring your laptop and sit there until someone asks you for help/ doubts / recommendations / opinion…

Thanks for the help guys!

(ellen) #11

Hi @alvaro , do you still need coaches? I could come along and answer Data Science related questions and on basics of Django.

(Alvaro Alonso) #12

@ellen, It would be great if you could come. Sofar I think it’s only.

(ellen) #13

Ok, I’m planning to come then

(ellen) #14

@alvaro I’m on my way, running about half an hour late

(Jonas Braun) #15

Hi, I will come next monday (19.3.) and can help coach.