Call for Coaches - Python for beginners Workshop

(Matthias2342) #1

Hi everybody,

I would like to organize a “Introduction to Programming with Python” workshop. I have not checked with co.op yet but I propose July 25 (Saturday).

So if there are a few who want to coach (besides me) I will set up the event at Meetup and try to secure the location.

Best wishes,


(ellen) #2

Great initiative! :slight_smile: Tagging some potential coaches here:
@haiko @ben @amelie @andreas @chiara
Please suggest and tag more Python coaches! :smile:

(Chiara) #3

I’m in!

(Martin Stadler) #4

@florian :slight_smile:

(Haiko Schol) #5

Unfortunately, for that date I raise OutOfCountryError.

(Inka) #6

I’m in, too.
I would try to get a “reservation” of co.up.
How is this usually done? Just call, write an email? Who is the right contact?

Regards, Inka

(Inka) #7

Hi everyone,

unfortunately co.up is not available on the originally planned date.

Does anyone like to coach the course one week earlier, i.e. July 18th ?

Thanks and regards,

(Matthias2342) #8

OK. July 18th it is!@haiko @ben @amelie @andreas @chiara @ellen are you in?

(ellen) #9

Unfortunately I cannot make it that day.

(Andreas) #10

I’m traveling to EuroPython in Spain the next day. I can join if there are not enough coaches but would prefere to prepare my journet :wink:

(Benjamin Kampmann) #11

I should be able to make that, yes.

(Chiara) #12

Should be fine for me.

(Mister Rios) #13

I should be able to coach! You may know me from my coaching at the OTS Python Co-Learning Group…

(Robert Lehmann) #14

Please note that there are about 9 other venues the Berlin chapter has available.

(Andreas) #15

Hi Matthias, did you find enough coaches for the workshop?

(Matthias2342) #16

Hi @ben, @chiara, @keen, @MisterRios, I hope you are still in for saturday.

If yes, we are 6 coaches in total (the four of you, myself, and patrick (a friend of mine)) . On, we have 35 learners.

So taking the usual no-show rate into account, I guess we should be enough coaches (@andreas, @ellen: Do you agree?)

So @andreas, if you have time to come, we are more than happy to have you as a coach, however, if you need to prepare your journey, we should be fine…

Looking forward to see you next saturday,

(Benjamin Kampmann) #17

If we are short than I can come, sure :slight_smile: . Usual time and place I suppose.

(Matthias2342) #18

@ben: Yes, we are counting on you:) Co-op. 1pm.

CU saturday,


(ellen) #19

Hey @ben, @chiara, @MisterRios,

does anybody of you have a key for co-up? If not, I can provide mine.



(Chiara) #20

Will be there (might be a little late) but I don’t have keys…