Call for Coaches - Python for beginners Workshop

(Mister Rios) #21

Unfortunately it turns out I won’t be able to make it even though I was so much looking forward. My SO booked us for a social/family event that I can’t get out of. I’m really very sorry.

(Matthias2342) #22

@andreas: With MisterRios not being able to make it tomorrow, we are a little short on coaches. So it would be great if you can come. thank you very much!!!

(Marc Foley) #23

Hey folks,

I’d like to lend a hand tomorrow for tomorrows beginner python session.

I work as a python developer and live just round the corner.


(bastianalbers) #24

I could potentially also help out, although i’m not very firm in Python…

(Matthias2342) #25

No Problem. Co-op 1pm

(Andreas) #26

Alright, I’ll be there (and maybe leave a little bit earlier ;-))

For the sake of completeness: I don’t have keys either.

(Benjamin Kampmann) #27

I have keys. I’ll be there at 1pm. I’ll bring and brew coffee.

@Marc_Foley: welcome aboard. I see you find the right thread. To you and who else might be coaching for the first time, please review our coaching guidelines.

Looking forward seeing all of you tomorrow again!

(Marc Foley) #28

Thank you for having me. I loved the initiative.

I will volunteer for further workshops in the future.