Career meetup in Berlin

(Martin Stadler) #1

We’re planning on doing a meetup in Berlin soon about starting or improving a career in tech.

Format would be something between presentation, unconference, panel discussion and Q&A.

Main organizer will be @jessica :tada: !

We’re thinking of doing this in German.

Proposed date is Thu 1 June.

Here’s some not only serious ideas for title and description:


“Praktikum, Freelancing, Business Lunch” - Eine Karriereberatungsrunde der OpenTechSchool Berlin


Vortrag und Diskussion + Networking

“Karriere als SoftwareentwicklerIn”

(Berufseinstieg als) “Karriere als SoftwareentwicklerIn” - Vortrag und Diskussion + Networking(Einstieg, Quereinstieg, Aufstieg)

Vortrag mit Ăśbersichttypische WegeQuereinstiegBerufsbildMotivation (warum ist das toll)

Fallbeispiele von Gästen

(giorgia) #2

Any particular reason why you wanted to do it in German?

(Martin Stadler) #3

Hm, I had some but I’m not sure any more. Probably not important :slight_smile:

(Jessica Jordan) #4

I also don’t feel strongly about the language so far. And are there any more ideas / suggestions for the title of the event?

I like the “Q&A” wording the most so far (if we go for English as the language used at the event)

(Martin Stadler) #5

“Career Night - Panel and Q&A about how to be(come) a professional software developer”

(Jessica Jordan) #6

Hi @mamhoff Do you have any suggestions for speakers / panelists actually? I think @xMartin pointed out that you knew an experienced developer working at Mozilla who we might want to ask if they have time and would be happy to join us!

(Martin Stadler) #7

Brainstorming pad:

(Martin Anselm Meyerhoff) #8

So Yulia ( says she’d only to it if it were in Engllish, but she said Lucie Höhler ( would also be a good candidate and knows German. I can testify both would be excellent panelists.

(Jessica Jordan) #9

Thank you @mamhoff for the recommendations - I’ve asked both of them and looking forward to them joining us if they find the time! :slight_smile:

(Martin Stadler) #10

So this is happening! :astonished:

Super excited! Thanks @jessica for organizing!

Please share on social media everyone:

(Martin Stadler) #11

Wow, that was great! I think the format worked out well and it was fun. Can’t believe we kept going with Q&A until 10pm and almost everybody stayed until the end :slight_smile:

More photo on

We got some pretty good feedback: