Community Call #15.5

(Robert Lehmann) #1

The next edition of the OpenTechSchool Community Call is scheduled for May 15.

Community Call #15.5
Friday, May 15th
7pm CEST
Google Hangouts

You can find the video call in the event linked above — please connect independently at the advertised time. The previous edition can be found on Discourse or in the meeting minutes. Please also add your topics to the agenda.

Hosting a Community Call
Community Call #15.7
(Robert Lehmann) #2

@Ola said she’s not coming, I’m not available that night, no sign-ups yet.

(Benjamin Kampmann) #3

bad case of the flu, won’t make it either I’m afraid…

(Robert Lehmann) #4

Get well soon, @ben!

I assume nobody went since there’s nothing in the notes?