DiY Lowcost Bluetooth Jammer


(Sascha Held) #1

TITLE: DiY Lowcost Bluetooth Jammer

Are you annoyed of brats with their shit music coming out of their bluetooth speakers while you are sitting in the U-Bahn?

Yeah, me too.

We (all?) know that blueetooth is preventing a highjack by encryption and fequency hopping. But the intention is not to own the foreign device, but just to spam so much noise on the frequency band, that no sustainable audio stream is possible in a range of ~10m.

How to do that: Spam a lot of digital noise on a certain amount of frequencies within the bluetooth network, not all of them, just enough to make listening to music not enjoyable anymore. Bluetooth has 79 equidistant canals (1 MHz to each other) and the protocol hops through them 1600 times per second. I assume we need to “block” only 1/10 of that
Doing so by using some 2,4 GHz resonators to have a lot of frequencies, a hand full of 2,4GHz antennas to send out the signals.

Twist: Make it (much) cheaper then commercial solutions


HAVE: A lot of old smartphone and some WLAN Router antennas that can be sacrificed for the goal of silence

NEED: Deeper understanding about how to effectively make more noise/errors in the bluetooth communication between a smartphone and a audio streaming slave device then the implemented error correction and automatic repeat requests can handle.




Please add constructive feedback, suggestions, offers of equipment or skills, and gestures of wild enthusiasm as replies below. Thanks!

(Joram) #2

dude you’re evil. :smiley:

(Lucy Patterson) #3

niiice… It’s the new tv-b-gone.

(lisa) #4

Another approach that might be worth trying: Take ~14 ESP8266, put them in AP mode, each on a different channel, and have them send data continuously.

(Sascha Held) #5

Combined with a tin can (maybe the size of o christmas stollen) this would even make a nice beam antenna to cover a bluetooth receiver in noise

(ilkill it) #6

Love it… where do we share ? isnt it tjust creating the same name as the speaker… and create a beacon for the handshake ? 100 times in a vieuw secs ?

Hmmm how thoughtfull

(ilkill it) #7

:wink: yep