JavaScript for Beginners workshop in Berlin 25.3.2017

(Kuldeep Aggarwal) #21

I would love to join as a Coach!! But I don’t understand/speak Germany, will it work?

(ellen) #22

JS is not my favorite programming language, but if you end up being short on German speaking coaches, I’d be up for helping out.

(Jen) #23

oh I’ll be in JSUnconf too but I’ll be more than happy to do it next time!

(michael) #24

great concept, You can count on me as a coach!

(Fausto Na) #25

Hi there!
I would love to participate as a coach. I’m not a native German speaker but I’m close to fluent, and I work as a front-end developer with JS! :slight_smile:

(Martin Stadler) #26

Wow, thanks so much everybody for being interested in coaching!

For those of you who don’t know OpenTechSchool events much, yet, please consider to come by the Web Frontend Co-Learning this Wednesday or next Wednesday:

(Peter Gundel) #27

Hi there, I’d like to participate as a coach as well :slight_smile: I’m a native German speaker and I work as a full-stack dev with Ruby and Javascript.

(Thomas ) #29

I also would like to coach. I speak German (native) and English (fluent). I am an Computer Science Student at Technische Universität Berlin. :slight_smile:

(Morris Winkler) #30

Hey count me in as a coach, i will be there.

(Sven Kröll) #31

If you still need a coach I can chip in but I am not a JS expert (but ruby, java and scala) :wink:

(Eberhard Wolff) #32

I’d be in as a coach. :slight_smile:

(Em Wu) #33

I’m in.:computer:

(giorgia) #34

yes please, come!
My german is also not the best but we will figured out :slight_smile:

(Johann Quassowski) #36

I would also be willing to coach.

German native speaker. Was in this workshop (or a similar one by OTS) as a participant a couple years ago, actually.


(Yehya Abouelnaga) #37


I could coach as well.

Arabic native speaker, Fluent in English (C2– studied & worked in USA), Intermediate German (B1).

Looking forward to meeting y’all! :wink:

Yehya Abouelnaga

(Em Wu) #38

I can’t speak German.

(Timo Taglieber) #39

Hi, also offering to coach!

(giorgia) #40

Arabic speaker! I bet we will need your help sometimes :wink:

(Martin Stadler) #41

Where do you think we should advertise the event for learners to reach people outside of our bubble?

Also please share the event that I posted on “OpenTechSchool Berlin” on Facebook.

(giorgia) #42

Hey everybody, please check your discourse email, we have sent confirmation information for the workshop

If you didn’t get any emails, please let me know.
Also if you have any otehr questions, feel free to write me or write martin.