JavaScript for Beginners workshop in Berlin 25.3.2017

(Gushsd) #43

Forgot to enroll for coach here! If there’s still time, I’m in!!

(Karim El Tal) #44

I want to coach as well.
Arabic speaker too :slight_smile:


(Karim El Tal) #45

I did not receive any email, I guess because I sign up late. Can I still sign up?


Am in

(giorgia) #47

I write you an email

(ItbsStefan) #48

Yesterday I have two Freifunkrouter put up and connected with a cable. There are 250 additional IP addresses available. The WLAN exists next to the existing and is also without a password.

Stefan G.

(Em Wu) #49

I didn’t get any emails.

(N Jela Snap) #50

Hi. I have a question, I am a experienced Js developer. I would like to help to the learners. Should I come on Saturday before 11am?
Good project.

(giorgia) #51

Hi @NJela_Snap! Thank you for offering your help.
So far we have anough coaches for the event of tomorrow so we don’t need more.
there will be other full day workshop in the future but if you are interested in coaching, come at our weekly Wedseday co-learnings where there are always many learners looking for support :slight_smile: