JavaScript for Beginners workshop

(Martin Stadler) #21

Thanks @Autarc! Can you invite me and the others? I can’t edit.

(bastianalbers) #22

Hey there, i’ll help coaching. And bring coffee.

(Stephen Sugden) #23

Hi, I’m interested in helping as a coach if possible. Is it ok if I just show up?

(Martin Stadler) #24

@grncdr Great! We’ll try to schedule an organizers meetup this week which we’ll announce here. For coaches showing up at the event an hour before the start will be fine.

(Martin Stadler) #25

I just wrote a comment on the page asking people to unregister if they are not 100% committed and added a link to a Google form for the folks on the waiting list to fill out with their personal motivation so we can give the best responses some extra seats. Hope that’s ok with you. Here’s the form:

(Stephen Sugden) #26

@xMartin, keep me posted on when you want to have the organizers meeting. I work very close to the venue (@ Contentful on Ritterstr.) so anywhere in Kreuzberg should be good

(Martin Stadler) #27

Let’s have an organizers meeting Wednesday 6:30pm at co.up 5th floor or remotely via Google Hangout.

(Stephen Sugden) #28

works for me

(Benjamin Dumke-von der Ehe) #29

I’ve had this pop up in my timeline; do you still need coaches? I should be free Sunday and happy to jump in. The Wednesday time is fine for me as well (I’m in Mariendorf, so I’d probably join via Hangout).

(Martin Stadler) #30

Yes, perfect, welcome!

(Thomas P) #31


I would also help coaching on sunday.

(elf Pavlik) #32

@xMartin we’ll join the meeting with just few people who will mentor NodeSchool event on Monday. We may need to split off when we get to discussing material though

(Martin Stadler) #33

Let’s meet tonight 20:30h either at co.up 5th floor and in IRC #opentechschool for a final organizers meeting.

(Martin Stadler) #34

@tp42 Nice! Welcome! Please be at the venue on Sunday an hour before official start for an introduction. Or even meet us later tonight for organizing things (see above).

(Benjamin Dumke-von der Ehe) #35

Will you be sending an hangout invitation for the 18:30 thing or what’s the plan there?

(Benjamin Dumke-von der Ehe) #36

It’s after 6:30 and I have no idea where to go. Any help?

(elf Pavlik) #37

@xMartin we arrived here to co.up already 4ppl :confused: didn’t catch the last minute change of time

(Stephen Sugden) #38

@balpha - there are 3 of us here at the 5th floor of co-up. If you haven’t been to co-up before, it’s on Adalbertstr. across the street from Maroush. The building is quite far back from the street.

That said, it’s not very clear if we’re meeting at 20:30 now… @xMartin??

(Benjamin Dumke-von der Ehe) #39

I said earlier that I would join via hangout (as @xMartin had suggested).

(Benjamin Dumke-von der Ehe) #40

What change of time? As far as I can tell we’re talking about two different things here, coaches meeting at co.up or hangout at 6:30 and organizers meeting at co.up or IRC at 8:30. Or am I missing something?