Julia at the Data Science Meeting

(Frankhuettner) #1

Hello everyone,

I’d like to put Julia (julialang.org) on the map of opentechschool. I think that there is no active Julia meetup in Berlin at the moment. But there are some very active users.

I think that the Data Science Meeting is the right place to meet for many of those interested in Julia. Having said this, I will promote the Data Science Meeting among the Julia users I know and hope that we can contribute a new flavor to the meeting.

See you on Thursday,


(Gershom Tripp) #2

Sounds great Frank. We’re open to every DS-related technology. The resources we’ve compiled thus far exclusively focus on Python and R, so it would make sense to add some for Julia, too, to get things going. Also, we’re looking for organizers/coaches, i.e. people who can consistently dedicate 2+ hours of their time, every two weeks, to the meet-up. There’s little overhead beyond showing up. If you have the capacity, or know someone who does, please let us know.