OTS Berlin Winter Party

(giorgia) #21

@ellen yes please do it! We are already kind of late
And thank for your contribution :slight_smile:

(ellen) #22

Voila :slight_smile:

Please RT/spread :smile:

(Martin Stadler) #23

Hey Ellen,

thanks for setting that up. Will anyone of OTS be there at 7? We will have the Organizers Meeting and Web Frontend Co-Learning. Shouldn’t we rather say 9pm for OTS land?

(ellen) #24

No idea, I was not in touch with Aleks about that. I don’t know how long the party will be at all.

(Martin Stadler) #25

It’s not about Aleks or co.up, it’s about OTS. If we invite people to an OTS event we should make sure OTS people will be there.

(ellen) #26

Well, it is about Aleks and co-up. If their party is over at 9, we cannot invite guests that late, either

(Martin Stadler) #27

When OTS arrives, the party starts! :wink:

(ellen) #28

Well, feel free to communicate that to Aleks :wink: I just created an invitation with the information I was given in this thread here.

(Martin Stadler) #29

I just don’t think it’s a good idea to schedule the OTS Christmas party at the same time as other OTS events. And I would like to know who can be at the party at 7.

(giorgia) #30

@xMartin good point. We already have this problem in the past. Let’s not make people arrive there without any welcome.
Also because we already now that most of the organizers are in meetups or learners group and couldn’t show up before 8.30 ca.

@Ellen thanks for the meetup and tweet. I told to Aleks we probably will show up around 8.30-9pm. Let’s see what she said but I don’t think there is any problems since we always stay there till midnight on Wednesday for the js learning group.

I will change the time and explain it in teh meetup event

(giorgia) #31

Can someone share it also with HK crowed? @charlotte @rachel @staeff or who else is mainly involved

(Charlotte) #32

hurray! I am a bit ill so think i cant come, but will share via HS.