OTS Website Redesign UX


(giorgia) #21

@UTCplus8 nice! Look like a good starting point.
Is much easier then what we have now(the new mockup, i mean) and what i had in mind but maybe that’s what we need… let’s see where we goes from here.


  • We really don’t have the newsletter! :smiley: So please let’s not include it in the design.
    if is just an example, we should thing about similar item we can place instead of newsletters

  • I’m wondering why your put events before then join us
    Generally i would agree with you that before you engage and after you ask user to join. But i think our case is a little special. We are not asking users to join us, is more users that come to our website to discover how to join us. Of;course we also have those that we need to engage before they decided to join us, but i believe they are in minority.

  • i’m not really sure about getting rid of the full width image in the header. is usually pretty engaging, but maybe we just need a good design there?

cc:// @xMartin @ben

(Dimitri S ) #22

Smal update on the figma file

  • Newsletter bar out!
  • Join us / Events rearranged (agree it makes better sense)
  • Full width image iterations added

I am afraid I can only work on small jumps like these due to workload
but I will try to make more regular updates so we can progress

Feel free to mark preferences / notes on the figma file itself if you want to discuss a specific design / element

Question: Does OTS have any specific data you would like to be visualized for the about section?



(giorgia) #23

Woow! Little? big update! I like!!
I need some times to re-think about all the new design but in general thank you to take so much effort and giving different variation.

What do you think about the pinky? I start to like it a lot but not sure is the best for our aim. Maybe we should go on something little softer like yellow.
At the same time pink will sympathize also different target of people then the usual “white tech-enthusiastic boy”.

I also like a lot the white header: is pleasant for the eye and make the navigation breath.
Not sure we really need social links in the header tho… maybe we can avoid it?

(giorgia) #24

oh right, i will write more comments in the file directly asa i understand how to do it :smiley:

And please don’t worry about the amount of time you can work, what you are doing is already great!

p.s. We are working on the menu functionalities right now, we are building something similar to https://creativemornings.com/ (i’m mostly talking about the right-side part, with nice drop-down on click/touch. Not the city dorpdown.)

(Dimitri S ) #25

Hey Giorgia,

Back from summer holidays and keen to push the redesign a bit further,
I fiddled with the latest mockup and there are some improvements, still in progress though.


Did you had any thoughts on the redesign, has anything changed?
Looking forward to any feedback

(giorgia) #26

hey @UTCplus8 welcome back! wow great that you had time to work on the site!
i will check it and get back to you.
during this time we build the menu with one of our learner and we mostly focus on the technology we are using… so no big improvments with the design but i’m eager to get going!

(giorgia) #27

@UTCplus8 great work! I like in general the style!
I’m not very convinced yet from the hero section… i might prefer the full width picture like we have now. Why do you think is better like that?

“Ways to join us” looks great! i might just pick different icon’s style but taht’s can come later

“Find events close to you”: I like the new approach to it but is like if something is missing… mhm not sure what tho.
Maybe i would like to give little more relevance to the active chapters?
Or maybe is just a matter of spacing. Visually look like one section but then you realize are actually two within a bigger one…

(Dimitri S ) #28

Hey @anaketa, thanks for the feedback,

I wanted to include some more information on the hero section and actionable elements (a prominent button that directs the user to the most requested section). That’s why I broke it down to be able to accommodate the extra info. Here I tried a few variations for the hero section, once we have this nailed I will move to the Events, Contact and Footer subsections,


I agree the icons for the “Join Us” are just placeholders, we should make something more unique/memorable (in time).

Let me know your thoughts,



(giorgia) #29

@UTCplus8 i check your design, beautiful as always!
I discuss a bit with other OTSer and we think we should go on with other part of the website.
I think what we need is more a direction and with what you gave to us we can already work and create something good.
But to keep developing we need:

  • Footer
  • Cities page
  • Template for normal internal page
  • Template for chapter page

Also we should create these design with the mobile-first approach. Is ok to create just the mobile version if you have no time for do more. From that on, we can easily extend to the desktop one

We can come back to details on homepage (like icons and so on) later on.
Which can also be much easier if we have something already develop that we can both look at, and discuss together.
What do you think?

(Dimitri S ) #30

Hi Giorgia,

I have finalized the three main pages, (Homepage, Cities, Internal) in desktop and mobile versions.


I hope this is enough to kickstart the re-developement.
I will park the design for now but will be available for any feedback.

Looking forward to see the new site.



(giorgia) #31

hey @UTCplus8, thank you so much!! They look great!!!
Yes good idea, we will go on with this and let you know later on! Thank you!

(Martin Stadler) #32

@UTCplus8 Thank you so much for your work! :pray:

(Dimitri S ) #33

Thank you, it was an interesting project for me also. Looking forward to seeing the development.

(bastianalbers) #34

First time i’m looking at the designs and i really really like it. Thank you!