Ruby Co-Learning Coaches

(Kiyumars) #1

This is the discussion forum for the organisers, coaches, and other people who want to help out the Ruby Co-Learning meetup.

Please post here your name/handle, the date(s) of the Ruby meetup you can attend, and what skills you can pass on to the learners.

There will be any workshop/training about the Ruby?
(Roman) #2

Hi there,

my name is Roman (@RmMsr) and I meet as coach with the Rubies On The Block Learning group. I will be at the Meeting at least on 12th January. Probably more often.

(Hernan Maguina) #3


my name is Hernan (@hernanvicente). I can help other with ruby on rails basics.

(Toño Serna) #4

My name it’s Toño(Tonio), I have a medium Ruby level, a quite good git level and Rails beginner.
So I’m kind of couch-student.
I would like to learn but also help in everything I can :slight_smile:
@nelantone .

(Gustavo Guimarães) #5

My name is Gustavo @gus_tavo_guim I can help out each week. I can teach Ruby and Rails.

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