Study group for elm language

(Jonas) #1

Hello everyone,

I am currently learning elm, a functional language that compiles to JavaScript.
People are raving about it’s ease of use, speed (compared to other JS frameworks) and it’s great error messages.
I believe it could also be a great starting point into the functional programming world.

Maybe some others wold like to join me in the endevour of learning this little language, and form a study group under the OTS umbrella?

(Martin Stadler) #2

You are very welcome to join the Web Frontend Co-Learning which probably comes closest to Elm (some people are working with ReactJS and Redux). There’s also enough space to sit down with Elm people separately if needed.

(Jonas) #3

Great, thank you @xMartin. I’m wondering how to get the word out to find like minded people, apart from advertising it here…