Anyone interested in PHP Co-learning?

Dear Learners,

I am a self-learned PHP engineer and recently moved to Berlin. I am working as Software Engineer, PHP (Backend) at Seven Senders GmbH. I have been working with PHP for last 6 years and have worked with CodeIgniter, Laravel, Lumen, WordPress and Symfony. I am also a Certified Laravel Developer. But mostly working with Symfony now-a-days in my current workplace.

I have been administrator and mentor of some tech groups in my country such as phpXperts Bangladesh, WordPressian Bangladesh and Laravel Bangladesh. I am really looking forward to get settled in Berlin and be a part of the tech communities here. I would be very happy to learn from others and also share my knowledge too.

I would be really happy to contribute in PHP, JavaScript and Server Administration related topics. You will find some of my previous talks here:

By the way, I am looking forward to get myself into Data Science field probably in early next year.

Happ coding :slight_smile:

Hi Muhammad,

Welcome to OTS and to Berlin!

I was just about to invite you to the combined Python and Ruby Co-Learning Meetup, which now has a broader scope that includes PHP. But then I saw that you already RSVP’d, so see you there. :slight_smile: