Blogging about the co-learning and

this post has a double goal:

  • show a new idea, i’m setting up for our co-learning
  • ask if opentechschool can create a subdomain for the zurich chapter

first, the idea:

i’ve invested some time during the latest co-learning to setup a jekyll based website / blog for the zurich chapter:

it is:

  • nothing fancy
  • not 100% finished yet (the css is is still broken on most screen sizes)
  • a static page created through jekyll

the main idea is to have a trace of what we did each week and – by doing it – :

  • show what we do, to the people who discover us through meetup,
  • motivate the learners to set goals and achieve them during the session.

how does it work?

  • in the meetup event, i put the link to a collabroative markdown document.
  • at the end of each session, i take a picture of those who agree to be in the picture and upload it through the github web interface…
  • i ask the participants to fill a short description of their work in the markdown document.
  • the next day, i copy paste the markdown text in a new blog post…
  • … and push it to the website.

i’m open to comments and ideas for further improving it… and, of course, if other people want to copy it, you’re very welcome!

now, the other side: it would be nice to have a better url than the one… i could be, but if it’s technically easy for “you”, would imho be even better. i just need the subdomain to “point” to the server, no hosting of the files.
would it be possible?

have fun

I love the idea! Excited to follow how it works out for you.

I also think the subdomain is the way to go. Not sure who can set it up, though. Let’s see if @ben can help here.

hi @ale do you still need a better url for your Zurich subdomain?

ciao giorgia,

do i neeed it?

it would be a nice thing to have…


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@ale it should be done.
Now you need to add a file to your repo root call CNAME with content:
Here an exemple:

Can i ask you why you decided to create a new repository instead of create a new project in the main repo?

Let me know when you have add the file so we can test if what i have done with the DNS works :wink:

hi @anaketa, sorry i di not see this post of yours.

i’ll try to change the CNAME and see what happens!

and for the github repos: it just happened…

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