Building an HTML/CSS Workshop

Hi Anaketa,

Thanks for the reference to the meetup page. It’s here:
in case anyone else needs a link.

I agree with postponing the workshop, since I only have to reschedule with two coaches + co.up. And Ben has said that he only wants quality workshops–what are the criteria for this?

As for me, I basically wrote up what I’d like to learn above, which I’m copying here:

  • how to use the box model for mobile-first / responsive design
  • how to
    use transitions with position changes how to calculate elastic sizes
  • how to know when to use Twitter Bootstrap / HTML5 Boilerplate / other
  • semantic HTML

My personal learning goals:

  • Make my personal side project pretty & engaging & curiosity-inspiring
    with transitions and position changes–like you’re opening presents
    when you click on speech bubbles.
  • Migrate my Wordpress blog into a
    responsive box model. Actually, it’s already responsive but not with
    the right order of boxes.

How did you write the structure in Google Doc for HTML/CSS?

Should we meet at the organizers’ breakfast next week?


@Ola you seems to know a lots about that :wink:
Any idee how we could structure this workshop?
Where to start? What achieve?

I thought that maybe is better have lots small task with their personal goal, so people can decide which topic cover, discover more about, try it out and than move to another one.
It will be also easier to write the material for us, btw.

What do you think?

Btw looking to the topic already suggested, in the Html/css workshop we covering semantic Html and elastic size.
The questions about frameworks is seems more a Learner Meetup kind of questions :slight_smile: (i mean that is not really a workshop material, but we can still try to use one of these framework) and i’m not sure that i get the one about mobile and box model.

Me again :slight_smile:
The main part of the Html/css workshop is here:

Every feedback, comment and review are super than welcome.
In particular some english native speaker (Pleaseee! :slight_smile: )
@Ben how should i proceed for the form element part?

Now, i would say, i need help to finish it. So why don’t start to looking for a coaches and with them set a date?

About Css Advanced workshop:
Working on this one i still feel that we can mix them. Most of the argument that @bettina show us are either in the workshop per se or in cover as Extras.
Since the extras is a less developed idea of what i had in my mind for a Css Advanced workshop, i think we arrange to make them together.

What do you think to do a html/css workshop divided in two big group?
Beginners and advanced?

Or maybe we can just be ready for everybody will finish before and give them these extras task to working on?
(My first idea for extras task was just to write some info and where to know more about it but now we can create a real small task with their own goal.)

Let me know your idee!

So Giorgia and I met today, and here’s what we decided:

We should have two workshops, spaced about 3 weeks apart, one intro and one more advanced (basically, the first half of the training materials and then the second half). This way, learners from the first workshop could attend the second one.

Bettina will proofread the first four sections of the training material on GitHub by next Friday.

@anaketa will structure the rest of the training materials by next Friday so that it’s easy for coaches to take a section and write it up.

Bettina feels like the ‘extras’ / advanced beginner CSS section has to be expanded with exercises and not just have some reading materials, because she’s read those things but doesn’t feel like she could implement them.

We will make sure the workshops are well-organized and have learners with the appropriate background, because when @ben blogs / spreads the word about the workshops, we will write up some expectations of what the learners can already do.

Bettina will be recruiting coaches and training material writers at CSSConf, referring them to this discourse page, the training materials on GitHub as well as an OTS organizers’ meetup, for example:

FYI: I got some answers to my own questions above.

Here are the answers in case you were wondering too:

Discourse is replacing mailing lists, so this thread IS the best way to get in touch with CSS coaches.

The email for Coaches.js will live on, however, and is the best way to email CSS gurus affiliated with OTS.

Ok, that’s it for now.

Sorry, i was pretty busy with our chapter.

I’ll be in Berlin next week, so maybe we could meet up? It could be more simple than writing. :wink:


Ok here is setted up also the Advanced css github repo with already some sketchs about the topic we would prepare.

Fell free to start to edit or comment.
@Bettina you can already give this 2 repo as a refereed link to coaches, so they can have an idea what would be the workshop.

I personally think is time to find coaches :slight_smile:
So i wrote in the js coaches mailing list, can you @Ben or someone else write a blog post about?
And @Bea can you or who else have the access, write on fb/twt?
We can give to coaches this discourse as a referring point where write us/find us.
The css Conf is Friday 14th so we could give to the coaches a date between 18 and 27 Sept. as possible evening for the first meeting.
We should also go on tuesday at up.front, announce the workshop and find coaches.

@Ola will be super nice to meet you in person. When exactly you will be here in Berlin?

@Ola, Great that you’ll be in Berlin next week!

Any chance that you’d want to come by the OTS organizers’ breakfast Thursday morning from 8:30am to 10am?

@anaketa Thanks for finishing up the repo; I won’t have time to proofread the English until Tuesday at the earliest.

Should we decide on a date already for the CSS coaches’ meeting? It would be nice to be able to hand out something printed out to recruit coaches–has there ever been a flyer designed for OTS or anything? Or any other kind of physical materials?

I already have plans Tuesday night, so I can’t attend the up.front meetup. Anyone else is going?

@ola and @anaketa – Since anaketa can’t attend the morning breakfast, maybe we could set up an alternate meeting then?

@bettina & @anaketa: I have some spare time on friday. Maybe at 11:00, 12:00?

that can be.
I’m not sure yet about my week planning, i will tell you as soon as i know

@ola and @anaketa – I’ll be at CSSConf all day Friday, so Friday doesn’t work for me. But it’s ok for me to not meet if you two decide on Friday.

@bettina sad to hear!!! friday is the only day i could meet up.
@anaketa i’ll leave at 4pm. just drop me a line!

Hi all. I heard about this plannings yesterday at upfront. Ben just added me to the conversation. I am a HTML/CSS advanced beginner (after the above definition :)) myself and I would like to help out as a tutor for the very beginners, if you can need help.

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hej! i also heared about this on yesterdays upfront and found this discussion on twitter now. would like to help out as an many years experienced (but not top-notch-up-to-date-with-all-everything-brand-new-because-right-now-i-don’t-work-in-frontend-anymore-but-mainly-design) css/html coach cat. if you still need people to be around and give help, i’d like to join. you already know when the workshop will take place?

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Hi @qate_oh and @clrcrtq Welcome!!

@anaketa and I decided to have two half-day workshops, one for absolute beginners and the second one for advanced beginners. We need help at the actual workshops and organizing / preparing for them.

The main goals right now are

  1. Write training manual:

@anaketa already laid out the topics, so if either of you can take over a topic or find other CSS experts who can, that would be great.

I am proofreading and editing the English on my own GitHub fork and will do a pull request when I’m done:

  1. Find coaches

@anaketa thinks that we should have an organizers’ meeting before the workshops between 18 and 27 Sept. so if either of you want to set up a doodle for that, that’d be great.

Let me know if you have any questions / want to take on a task :slight_smile:

Welcome on board @qate_oh and @clrcrtq.
So yes as Bettina said and i said yesterday, the idea is to make an html/css beginners workshop (almost done, need review feedback and some latest stuff to write) and than an advanced Css workshop.

Here you can find the material, so you can have already have an idea:

If you already feel to write/edit/comment something in Github just do it :slight_smile:
Otherwise we will have our first coaches meetup, explain/talk with everybody and than work on the material again

Here is the doodle for the first coaches meet up:

The date of the workshop isn’t already set. We will discuss all together and see when most of the coaches are available.


I also heard about this at the up.front meet up. I’d be interested in helping people starting out with HTML and CSS, I’m fairly new to the web dev world, about one years experience building websites, though I have been a Graphic Designer for 5+ years. I have a good handle on HTML, CSS and SASS, I think it would be useful to me helping out others and re affirming what I already know. I’ll fill in the doodle and look forward to meeting everyone soon :slight_smile:


I heard about the workshop when I met @bettina at the last Ultracode. I already helped at the JavaScript for Beginners and think I know enough for the HTML/CSS for beginners. So whenever you need help, let me know. I will be on hollidays until the first week of Oktober, meaning I have some free time :wink:

@ben: The Twitter-Account setup didn’t work for me. Just a blank page in Firefox. Though of addons blocking it, but my “vanilla” chrome shows nothing as well.

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ehy Hi Kaj! Nice to see you again helping out with OTS workshop :slight_smile:
Please fill in the doodle so we can organize for the meeting.
see you soon

A thought from the OTS organizers’ breakfast on Thursday: We need to write in what people need to have installed for the Beginner CSS workshop–Chrome, text editor, etc…