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For a review of the five years of existance of OpenTechSchool I’ve been asked how many “members” we have and how many active chapters. Here’s my answer:

You will find the currently active chapters in the homepage in the footer next to the non-active ones. I just updated it so now all active chapters are the ones that were running at least one event in 2017. When it comes to looking back to the last 5 years we might also want to mention all chapters that were active at some point.

There’s not really a way to tell how many members we have. We don’t even have a definition of what a member is. Most people that come to our events use Every chapter has a group with “members” which is basically people that subscribe to the group. You can get the numbers when you click on the chapter links on the homepage footer.

Social Media followers:

I know it’s hard to work with those numbers but we do not track users in a way that we can say how many unique event participants we have. We also have too many channels (including people that just come by via friends) to say how many active community members we have. There is actually plans to do a big community survey soon and we know we have to get better with data in order to improve as a community.

Here’s more numbers that I extracted from the API:

Events 2012
opentechschool-berlin 26
opentechschool-stockholm 5
total: 31, averageRsvps: 29

Events 2013
OpenTechSchool-Melbourne 7
opentechschool-berlin 141
opentechschool-brussels 14
opentechschool-dortmund 4
opentechschool-hamburg 6
opentechschool-nairobi 1
opentechschool-san-francisco 3
opentechschool-stockholm 1
opentechschool-tel-aviv 5
opentechschool-zurich 12
total: 194, averageRsvps: 20

Events 2014
CodeHub-Bristol 20
OpenTechSchool-Melbourne 8
opentechschool-berlin 163
opentechschool-brussels 28
opentechschool-dortmund 14
opentechschool-hamburg 6
opentechschool-jerusalem 2
opentechschool-london 11
opentechschool-rheinmain 5
opentechschool-san-francisco 7
opentechschool-tel-aviv 2
total: 266, averageRsvps: 23

Events 2015
CodeHub-Bristol 47
OpenTechSchool-Goettingen 4
OpenTechSchool-Melbourne 1
opentechschool-berlin 159
opentechschool-brussels 49
opentechschool-dortmund 13
opentechschool-london 7
opentechschool-san-francisco 7
opentechschool-zurich 17
total: 304, averageRsvps: 19

Events 2016
CodeHub-Bristol 52
OpenTechSchool-Goettingen 1
OpenTechSchool-Romagna 7
opentechschool-berlin 165
opentechschool-brussels 56
opentechschool-dortmund 8
opentechschool-hamburg 4
opentechschool-zurich 119
total: 412, averageRsvps: 15

Events 2017
CodeHub-Bristol 71
OpenTechSchool-Milano 10
OpenTechSchool-Romagna 28
opentechschool-berlin 153
opentechschool-brussels 48
opentechschool-hamburg 3
opentechschool-zurich 161
total: 474, averageRsvps: 13

In my experience of people RSVPing about 50% to 75% actually show up. We do not now if this is returning visitors or new ones.

A detailed statistic of actual participation of the Berlin Web Frontend Co-Learning might also be interesting:

Super interesting!!

I think it would be a good idea to start making some stats for the python meetup

Thanks Martin. On a per-chapter level, we can extract some more interesting numbers from For example, for the Berlin chapter, these are at (you might need organizer privileges to see them, not sure).

To me, the most interesting graph is this one about our active and total membership in the Berlin chapter:

Also, it is waaay outdated, but I once prepared this: Who are our Berlin learners? Some data If there is any benefit to a more recent similar analysis, or some other, I’d be happy to help out.

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Since you can export attendance data in some Excel or csv format for each meetup on, it would be pretty easy to extract the necessary data. A bit tedious manually, but looks like the API allows fetching all relevant events and their RSVPs in JSON format:

Sounds like a fun small analysis project :slight_smile: Happy to collaborate on this if you don’t want to do it by yourself.