JavaScript for Beginners workshop

@xMartin we arrived here to co.up already 4ppl :confused: didn’t catch the last minute change of time

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@balpha - there are 3 of us here at the 5th floor of co-up. If you haven’t been to co-up before, it’s on Adalbertstr. across the street from Maroush. The building is quite far back from the street.

That said, it’s not very clear if we’re meeting at 20:30 now… @xMartin??

I said earlier that I would join via hangout (as @xMartin had suggested).

What change of time? As far as I can tell we’re talking about two different things here, coaches meeting at co.up or hangout at 6:30 and organizers meeting at co.up or IRC at 8:30. Or am I missing something?

We’re 20 minutes past the scheduled time now, and I still haven’t heard anything. So I’ll just assume I’ve wasted my time waiting for a cancelled meeting :\

Yeah I think there was some confusion here, I didn’t catch the distinction between organizers/coaches meeting so I thought there was a meeting for coaches at 18:30. Seems like 20:30 is the time that coaches are meeting now. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I’m so sorry for the confusion! It’s all my fault, I simply forgot I set a time already. We’re here now.

Okay, and now what? Is there a hangout? Or are you done already?

I opened the list for 12 more people and confirmed some of the applications in the form. Trying to manage to get around 40 participants.

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I’ll come and coach as well if you still need people. :slight_smile:


yes @mamhoff please come on Sunday!

@xMartin where can i find answers to the form you posted?

hey pavlik, hi all, a small elf (ha!) told me that i can offer my help. so here i am! :sunny:

should i just show up on location sunday 10am? i have until 3pm roughly. hope that’s cool.

@meinhard Great! Please check out the material a bit as a preparation and come to the venue at 9:30 for an intro.

Ok, I’ll be there around 9:30.

I will be late. I missed my intended train but should arrive around 9:45

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6 coaches are here now, nobody here to let us in

Ohh noes, i am sorry. I slept until now. I be there asap.

Hi there - I created a new thread for the new workshop: JavaScript for Absolute Beginners in Berlin - November 2014

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