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Rita loves Berlin. But she doesn’t love the grey Berlin winter weather. So she decided to try and "make the sky blue again! With a team of dedicated designers, scientists and developers she created several ways to recreate that warm, bright summer feeling.

They came up with four different approaches:

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have your own source of warmth that you can carry around with you wherever you go? We thought so too and built HEAT TO GO: Inspired by the infamous anglerfish, this device lets you carry a comfy infrared light bulb in front of you. Not only does this give yourself some nice cosy feelings, but also the people around you feel attracted to this beautiful source of warmth and will gather around you - so you’ll never be alone during the spooky dark nights of Berlin.

Wouldn’t it be nice to always see a beautiful lit-up sky when you look up? We thought so too and created our PORTABLE SUNLIGHT. Comfortably strapped to your back, you’ll always have sunlight wherever you go!

Wouldn’t it be nice to be really happy and awake when roaming the streets of Berlin? We thought so too and thought up BLAR - BLue Augmented Reality. These augmented reality glasses give the world around you a nice blue touch - lifting your spirits during daytime and surpressing melatonin levels in an activating way.
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Wouldn’t it be nice to always see the colours that you want to see,depending on the time of day and your current mood? We thought so too and made I SEE COLOURS - these stylish glasses not only allow you to adjust the colours of what you see around you, it also makes the sky blue again!

Rita Eperjesi, Meredith Thomas, Katharina Kolatzki, Zsófia Lévai, Ahmed Talaat, Nicolai, Gabriel, Maren, Aline (full names of everybody are coming soon)


Heat to go:
infralamp, paper, bicycle helmet, glue, plastic thing

Portable Sunlight:
wood, Science Hackday bag, rope, christmas lights, shiny white material

google cardboard, vegan fur, glue

I see colors:
vintage glasses, arduino


Heat to go:

  1. Take a bicycle helmet, take a long plastic thing, put a thin sponge between the helmet and the plastic thing to make it stable, provide the perfect stability with cable binders.
  2. Fix the infrared light to the end of the plastic thing, fix the cable wih tape.
  3. Hide everything and make the whole construction stylish with a huge red paper.
  4. Be careful, don’t look into the light directly, don’t burn yourself or other people.

Portable Sunlight:

  1. Take a branch, put it in a Science Hackday Bag, and fix it properly with a rope to be comfortable and stable.
  2. Use some gummiband and fix it a bit further on the branches and to your shoulders to give extra stability.
  3. Take a white glossy seethrough fabric and find a pretty composition for it on the branches. It’s important not to disturb your ability to see what’s going on in the world, so make sure that it’s slightly above your eyesight.
  4. Organise the christmas lights in a very esthetical way.
  5. Be careful when passing by doors. You are higher than usually.


  1. Do stuff in Unity.
  2. Make Unity things work.
  3. Take a google cardboard and make it pretty with fur. This is not necessary, but it’s important to look cool.

I see lights:

  1. Get a fancy glasses with a sunglasses shader thing at a fleemarket. Take Maren with you for haggling, she is good at it.
  2. Take out the lenses for the sunglasses part, measure them, and design a new version of them, considering the place for the little LEDs. Lasercut new lenses from acrylglass.
  3. Arduino stuff.
  4. control the LEDs.
    • the colors are reacting to how cloudy the sky is in your area
    • write a script that gets the data about the current weather
    • write an other script that is creating the required RGB color.
  5. control the servo motor, so if you look up, the sunglasses lenses turn down a bit to provide you the colorful filter.
    the other things are still happening.

LINKS to code!!


Gabriel had also started this post (which was initially not flagged as SHDB17 so it didnt show up) - it contains the link to the Github-repository where all of the code we wrote is.

Maybe we can merge the two posts somehow?

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Make the Sky Blue Again


Nicolai, Meredith, Ahmed, Katharina, Rita, Maren, Aline, Gabriel, Zsofi


  • LEDs
  • Servo
  • Pair of glasses
  • Sticks
  • People


To come.


Also to come.