Manage coaches / learners on meetup?

Hey everyone,

So we’re very excited to be pulling together our first London OTS meetup (yay!) but we weren’t 100% on how to handle signups for coaches and learners, to be sure we get a good ratio? We were thinking of having only learners sign up on meetup and then maybe getting coaches to sign up via email or something, but just wanted to check that there’s not a better way we’re missing before we go ahead and arrange it that way? Any advice would be ace.


What we did in the past was create a mailinglist with all the potential coaches, then send a doodle and see who’s up … but that was a lengthy and error-prone process, that didn’t allow people to join easier later.

What I’d recommend doing now, is like we did for flossie here: Once you enough coaches that you can definitely run it, post the decided details in the events-category asking for coaches to just quickly mention there, they’d come. This also has the benefit that they (and only they) received updates when you post something there. Then you’d just link to that conversation in emails or twitter asking people to join. Or – as in this/your case – put it into the description/send it to the people, who already joined, asking them to post there if they are a coach.

Normally, we do not require our coaches to sign up on the meetup event, so that number reflects the number of learners. Recently we started adding “coach for X”-custom-titles to known coaches in the community and asked them to join the meetup events that have a more lose structure (like the learners meetup or continuous learning groups) so others can see, that there’ll be coaches too. For workshops, asking learners to sign up via meetup and coaches on a discourse thread, seems to be the best way imho.

Hope this helped

Thanks Ben, I thought you guys would have good tips on how to manage this stuff :slight_smile: We’ve gone with learner signups on meetup and coaches signup via email/doodle, but I think we’ll try the discourse thread thing for the next one maybe(don’t want to confuse anybody who’s already signed up!)