OTS Website 2.0 - finally there!

Hi everybody,
we are building the new version of OTS website and we would like to hear your feedbacks: https://websitenext.now.sh/en

We are almost ready to go live with the first version but we will keep working on improvements and fixes after it.
So please if you find something broken or wrong, have an idea of a new feature or simply would like to discuss about certain part of the website, open an issue on github:

We would also be really glad if anyone want to jump in and help with the development.
The readme should be pretty helpful to start out but if is not (we didn’t test yet with many people) feel free to open an issue and tag me ( @gsambrotta) or Kristin (@Twissi)

@TeamBerlin @TeamBrussels @TeamHamburg

@TeamHamburg @TeamBrussels i have email you, we need your help to fill in your page. With pics and specific copy, please get in contact!

Hey there, Jonas from @TeamHamburg here. Really like the site so far, looks promising!

Unfortunately, there is no real activity at the moment in Hamburg. I think, for now it is better to not list Hamburg as a city. Hopefully in the future again. By the way: If someone is reading this and wants to bring back OTS in Hamburg, happy to chat!

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Thank you very much for the update! I will remove it for now (:frowning: )