We need a PHP course! Who's up for helping create material?

dear team,

ive been asked at least 10 times in the last few months
if we would ever have a php workshop-- i think the people
are speaking! who would be interested in helping to create material?
let me know, thanks!


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Sign me up (remotely).

Here’s the same request from OTS Dortmund (Tweet)
Maybe there’s potential to join forces.


I’ve got some material for a PHP-course that we use in our school to teach PHP. All in german.



Yeah, +1 for joining forces. I think the culprit for phpfab is to find some interesting stuff not only creating form/blogpost/and so on in 2 days.

@marco: is the Material somewhere to see?

@all: the PHP women are doing course Material as well http://phpbridge.org/intro-to-php/


This looks really good. But it is a lot of stuff. It would probably have to be a two day workshop like jsfab. And there’s probably some set up time required for VirtualBox, Vagrant, etc. XAMPP is easier to install, but this approach might better in the long run. So maybe have an install party the evening before?
Anyway, if someone wants to run this workshop, count me in as a coach.

Yes it should be much more compacted. Focussing on the basics and most useful stuff first.
For Installation imho anything complex on top should be avoided. So using the webserver coming with php ( php -S ) should fit best.
I am not yet sure about the database stuff. Maybe we should focus on text&csv files.

So you’re suggesting not to use the material at http://phpbridge.org/intro-to-php/? For an absolute beginners workshop, I agree that databases and complex installations with VMs, webservers, etc. is a bit much. But that means someone needs to actually write a tutorial that fits.

@marco_bakera We’re still interested, if you’re willing to share your material. :slight_smile:

The Course can be downloaded from the following URL. Use the Password “PHPKurs” to access it.


Please do not upload or share it further. Have fun with it. :slight_smile:

@haiko No I didn’t meant that we shouldn’t use that material but evaluate if we can strip out all the VM complexity. I still have analyzing the material on my todo list :slight_smile:

@marco_bakera thanks for sharing the material.

Perhaps you are already inundated with material, but I was reminded of this tutorial which I used back in 2007(!) to start learning PHP. I quite like the structure of it, and for the basics it is still valid? Was quite pleased to see it is still online: http://tut.php-quake.net/en/ also available in German http://tut.php-quake.net/de/