Communication infrastructure

(Benjamin Kampmann) #21

Good day,

thanks for going at it @robert!

  • Yes, I’d deprecate Google Groups – they have been out of sync in forever. Having google docs/drive as a catch-all for all OTS-email sounds fine enough.

  • :thumbsup: for the renames

  • Lounge (as well as Staff and Uncategorized) are categories we can’t really get rid off as Discourse pre-shipps them - which means they are re-created with every update. I dunno what to do about them really, they don’t really serve much of a purpose for us. I suppose we could move them to “archive”, too and ignore them…

  • Chapters was meant as a catch all for within chapters. So each sub-category would contain chapter specific stuff – like “how do we do the co up organising”. The category above that was mostly semantics but IMHO (with only two topics by itself) isn’t much of a category by itself.

    • I would move the Review Meeting into “organising” or “general”
    • and I’d say the meetup discussion makes sense in infrastructure – but I am also very much to keep it in chapters.
  • I archived both of them as they were interesting ideas, but we never took them farther than an initial phase – which for both of them is over 12months ago. And while I admire the ideas and am happy to bring it back, if someone wants to pursue them, I don’t see much reason to clutter the interface with categories no one is active in any more - (I feel like 12months is a good indicator for that). That’s why I moved them.

  • General is about the organisation and allows others to ask questions, while “organising” is about getting something specific done. So the first allows for much more broad discussions like the values while the latter would be about “now that we have our values clear, let’s update the website, who’s in”-kinda things.

  • Regarding the proposal, I am very much inclined to stick with the “don’t create a category unless it emerges” approach here. I don’t see a good reason to have separate categories for different materials (even less like the drawing the line using programming languages) because there simply isn’t enough material to be categorized. If one theme (like python) would become super predominant in a category and overshadows everything else, then it should have its own category. But there is little point to do that for one or two topics.

  • I haven’t put “New Chapters” into “chapters” as chapter is logged-in-eyes-only. Which would lead to a really bad experience when telling people to post there (and receive a 404/403 the first time they click) and equally bad to promote to help them (as everyone else also sees a 404/403 when they’d click). I thought it’d be better to have that super public. Which would be awkward having it under a more restrictive category. (and please let’s not call it “recruiting” :wink: )

  • no issue with moving community calls – especially if were to move the Global Review meeting, too.

Sorry, I wasn’t available. Let’s put it onto the agenda for next time for sure!

(Robert Lehmann) #22

The one problem I see with this is our Docs. At least Berlin and Zurich have spreadsheets with (confidential) information about venues etc. which should be kept to local organizers. ACLing these with team.CITY@ was previously pretty easy.

I don’t understand this point, could you elaborate?

Moved Lounge to Archive.

The one downside to this setup that searching for posts in Chapters (minus the subcategories) becomes non-trivial. This is true for every category with child categories.

Learning Essentials has posts dating back to summer this year. And pretty important posts, I’d say.

Aha! I’d propose renaming General then, because the name implies something more … general. :wink: Philosophy? Vision?
I’d move Infrastructure to a top-level category then, because it doesn’t really fit under either one (The Newsletter initiative would be more Organising, while this very topic would fit General.)

The one point I see is that if we don’t have a good place for a Python community to emerge, none will. Also, screening Learning Material if you’re just interested in starting out with Python is a little overkill.

The rationale was as follows: Having a place for Call for Coaches is useful, too, but doesn’t fit unter New Chapters.