Idea: Renaming platform from to

Hi there,

it’s my first post over here and I want to start a discussion about the naming of the platform.

My suggestion is to name the subdomain for this forum to instead of the existing

  1. It’s easier to shout this through a room of people and be understood correctly.
  2. It’s in line with our current naming scheme for mailing lists. (Yeah, it’s a technicality but it’s already “learned”.)
  3. It’s independent from the actual software we are using. Once we decide to abandon discourse and replacing it with something better we can keep the name and just change the underlying platform.

I know it’s not really the most important topic but some comments would be nice.


+1 - I’m totally up for renaming it. Though I call “bullshit” on #2 as there aren’t really any “discuss” mailinglists, which have ever been used :wink: .

And on that regard I also like to make it even more inviting and welcoming, like the p2p, who have it running under the subdomain . That is super nice. So I’d totally love something along the lines of that, maybe community or even stealing “thepeople” - I really do like it. discuss and discourse can of course forward to that, too.

“thepeople” has a really nice touch, I must say. I’d have no problem if we go for that IF we decide discourse is the way to go for OTS. (Since this title implies that the “critical mass” is here.)

i like thepeople but as someone who has been confused about all this google doc/drive and where should i go to post things stuff – maybe discuss is more clear-- to say ‘here is a place to discuss’?
i mean, if we wanna go the route of making things more clear, that is

what about thepeople.discuss–or yesyoureintherightplaceto.discuss haha:)

anyway +1 on name change

Hey, the discuss.australia mailing list is used plenty :stuck_out_tongue:

My mistake. I apologize. But my case of “it ain’t learned concept” still stands :wink: .

I am in contact with the developers to get some more mailing list - compatible features in already (and by being in contact I mean helping them and by helping them I mean code). Because I feel it is still missing some critical features like email-new-posts and category-based tracking.

So I am still a little hesitant to get masses here. But still, we are starting to give the address out now and your #1 still totally applies. And even this isn’t as populated yet, it won’t be if we don’t push it out more. Which again is harder (and not nice) with the current domain. And giving it a name doesn’t necessarily mean it is already the case but at least claims what it wants to becomes.

Long story short: I’d vote for renaming now. Shall we collect the contestants? And then also invite the global mailinglist to vote, too?