[Documentation] SMART HELMET


(Patrick Mallon) #1

Smart Helmet

This project is designed to support firemen working in enclosed and low visibility spaces by streamlining their operations with the use of sensors and real-time feedback.



  • Ultrasound distance measurement sensors: HC-SR04
  • Bluetooth: HC-06
  • Gyroscope: MPU6050
  • Arduino Pulse Sensor
  • Ambient Temperature and Humidity: DHT22
  • Arduino Pro Mini
  • Vibration Motors


We programmed 2 Arduinos to read input from the sensors and send the data via Bluetooth in real time to a Bluetooth device. The user receives tactile feedback from three ultrasonic sensors by means of three vibration motors and can use this feedback for orientation in closed environments where low visibility prevails.
In addition, multiple sensors track the user’s well-being while wearing the Smart Helmet. The Pulse Sensor is worn on the ear lap to track the heart rate. The humidity and ambient temperature sensor placed inside of the suit can detect pre-signs of a heat stroke. The accelerometer is an independent system that tracks the movement of the wearer and can detect if the user blacks out and falls on the ground.



Berlin Hack Day - Smart Helmet.pdf (9.6 MB)

(Guergana Tzatchkova) #2

Some pictures of the process:

  1. Magdalena working hard assembling the Helmet:

  2. The helmet model, Nikolai, testing a very early version of the prototype:

  1. Preparing the presentation:

  2. The final prototype. Yeepee!!!