SHDB Hardware you can hack


since some of you like to work with hardware and electronics are essential for a Science Hack Day, we gathered some materials over the years.
Following is an almost exhaustive list of Hardware we provide to you.
In addition to that, if you have specific hardware requirements or offers of cool equipment people should know about…

For urgent materials, that might be available at Segor or Conrad or something, we will send out someone some time Saturday afternoon to get what you need. Don’t worry now- we will announce it


Arduinos: some Unos, Micro, Ethernet, Mega, Fona, Gemma, Lilypad (for wearable projects)
Adafruit Feather boards: Bluefruit, Huzzah(wifi), Ethernet, Fona
Some Teensies
Circuit Playground, Bare Conductive Touchboard, Fona Shield, Bluetooth Mate, BlueFruit LE, LCD display, breakout, Weather board
Arduino Motorshield

Raspberry Pi 2, and some 3s

DCs, servo, steppers, solonoids in various sizes, vibration motors, & a solonoid valve

Basic, buttons, switches, potis, tilt sensors and a joystick
several temperature sensors, humidity sensors chemical senors (MQ-7, MQ-3), microphones, several different accelerometer
vibration sensors, different types of distance sensors (ultrasonic, time of flight), different light sensors(IR,lux, color sensors)
flex & pressure sensors… And probably some more

different batteries and connectors and power supplies. The TU also has Lab Power supplies

Of course we also also have the electronic basics covered. So we have all kinds of cables, wires, breadboards, shrinking tubes
magnets, resistors, transistors, diods, small speaker, and so on…

We have different things that make light:
LED strips, matrixes, single LED’s IR, UV, laser diodes and EL Wire

Good stuff for wearable hackers:
Velostat, Woven Conductive, Conductive ribbon cable, Conductive Fiber stainless Stell, soft potentiometers…

We also have some physiological sensors and their development boards
EDA, ECG, EMG, Pulse Sensor, Muscle Sensors, EMG Electrodes, Dry Electrodes…

We also have basic stuff like strong tape, a voltmeter, rubber bands, LAN cables, those things…

It’s kind of an overkill but we want to make sure that we really have all you need and we’re getting closer every year.

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