How to create a Wiki page

How do I create a Wiki page? Can I do it? If not, who do I ask?

Only admins can do that at this point (Discourse restriction).

To make any post into a wiki (which then all users can edit), do the following after it has been posted:

  1. Click the ellipsis (...) on the post to expand the full menu:
  2. Select the Admin-Options by clicking the wrench:
  3. Select “Make Wiki” in the menu:

This will make the post into a wiki post, as indicated on the top right from now on:

Thanks. But I am not an admin user so what do I do? Message to admins group every time?

Ooops, sorry, I am able to do it. Confused the wrenches. Your instructions work perfectly fine.

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My best guess is, moderators can also do it. So I made you a mod. In that case a message to staff would be sufficient – telling a mod about it basically.

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