Improved Discourse Category Structure (and minor updates)


following our discussion on the communication tools, I have taken some time to reorganise the categories here in discourse and hopefully make it more clear how visible what is in each.

In general, remember the following symbols and their meaning in a category name. Those apply for that category and all inside of that!

  • – access limited to specific subgroup (usually the topic description states, who can do what in there)
  • – access limited to everyone, who is logged in (meaning it won’t show up in search engines).

Unless you find these icons in the category, all content postet is available to everyone on the internet.

We now have the following category tree:

Welcome Lounge

Public, writeable to all.

Introduction topics and welcome materials. Start out here if you have questions.


Can only be written to by OpenTechSchool Organisers. But is publicly accessible. Special: All new members to discourse are having an “autotracking” (they can opt-out) set up for this category.

Used for announcement of new events, workshops OTS is (co-)hosting. World-Wide. No limits.

  • Blog – this imports the blog posts and allows for discussions about them. Can only be written to by blog bot.


Public, writeable to all.

Anything that is being organised within OTS and isn’t part of one particular chapter. This specifically encompasses all efforts to create learning materials (first sub) and if anyone wants to create a new event, organise a community call or start a new chapter.

  • New Learning Materials
  • Events
  • Community Call
  • New Chapters


Public, writeable to all.

More general discussions about the OpenTechSchool, not specific to one thing to be organised but on a higher view. Like the values or goals of OTS.

  • Infrastructure – technical infrastructure discussions.


Only accessible to people logged in.

Chapter internal discussions and organisational things. Like when a chapter is organising a new type of event, you are looking for coaches/help in a specific chapter for an event or just for the organisers to organise themselves.

  • Berlin
  • Australia
  • Bristol
  • Milano
  • Dortmund


Only visible to OpenTechSchool Organisers.

If you have more delicate or private things to discuss, you want the opinion of other OTS organisers but don’t want anyone else to know about the subject – this is the place to put it. May contain even more fine-grained chapter or team specific categories only accessible to those teams.


Everything about the Foundation itself. Public.

  • Foundation Boardfor foundation board internal discussions
  • Members-Areaexclusively for members of the OpenTechSchool Foundation (mostly to organise the general assembly and stuff)

Market Place

The market place allows anyone to pitch for projects, ideas, jobs and make offers interesting for OTS organisers and members. Please use the appropriate sub category and make sure you apply the rules listed in there.

  • Learners Searching
  • Job Board
  • Special Offers


Discussion about this forum, its organisation, how it works and how we can improve the management of it.

  • How-To – Some shared resources explaining how to things in this forum.


Read-Only for everyone.
An archive of content we don’t actively peruse anymore.


Thanks for putting this together!

Should “Organising” maybe also have a lock (organizing often contains details about when and where to meed and stuff).

How do people become “OpenTechSchool Organisers”?

Ok, found the answer to my question in another post. But I guess many organizers sign up here before getting an email address and just choose to use a different one when signing up. So we need to keep this in mind for the on-boarding process.