Discourse confusion. Is there a general overview on how we use it within OTS?

As a late adopter of discourse (goodbye mailing-list :cry: ) I do not really understand how things are done within it.
I read a few posts about the structure but they are all very specific. Is there a general overview on how we use it that I could read? Or could someone in Berlin explain it to me on an occasion? The next occasion would be December 2nd after the learner’s meetup.

what exactly is the confusion, @nicolai? It’s like a forum. you post if you have questions, can reply to others’ questions, etc. Quite standard, really. If you post something somewhere and it’s in the wrong place, admin will generally move it to a more appropriate category. Is it that you think there are too many or too few categories? that’s another topic of conversation that’s been on-going. if you have suggestions in regard to category-- i think there’s also a thread for that:)

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Thank you for your answer. I get that it is a forum with a tag-structure. I overlooked the notification system where I can tell discourse to inform me about unread items. That confused me a lot. I think I understand it now.

Just one nit: Discourse’s default system is “categories,” not tags. The important difference is that a post can only be sorted into exactly one category (unlike tags, where you could apply multiple of them.)

A collection of instruction manuals can also be found in the How-to category.