OpenTechSchool Australia launches with Introduction to Programming workshop

It was a warm day in Melbourne last Saturday with temperatures getting up over 30 degrees Celsius. But that didn’t deter our Python beginners and coaches from making their way to Electron Workshop in North Melbourne.

On offer was our Introduction to Programming with Python workshop, one of the most battle-tested of our OpenTechSchool workshops. Beginners were taught the basics of programming through via the turtle, a little triangle that you can push around the screen with Python code.

Also available were freshly baked cookies, muffins and banana bread. Electron Workshop has quite a nice kitchen!

Aussie beginners showed that they can code just as well as the Europeans. Check out some of this lovely turtle work from Tristan:

OpenTechSchool Australia would like to thank everyone for helping to make this happen. Thanks to OpenTechSchool Berlin for all the support and encouragement, for the Aussie volunteers who helped organise and coach the event. Special thanks to Electron Workshop for the venue and support. And extra special thanks to all the wonderful beginners! We are all looking forward to the next workshop!

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