About the Recommended category

You have a code-/tech-learning resource (book, video, blog-post) you’d like to share, this is your category. Post it here.

We coaches are often approached by learners to recommend good resource to continue learning. This category is meant to be a collection of these resources we repeatedly recommend for everyone to see. If there is a book, writing, speech, presentation or podcast you keep recommending, this is your category.

The rules for the category:

  • A topic should contain the link and/or unique ID to the resource or a description how to find it easily
  • Online resources must have freely accessible by full, physical goods (like books) might be charged for, Amazon links are welcomed
  • It should have a short description, including important keywords (like mentioning frameworks or languages)
  • A topic should have a paragraph why you’d recommend that resource clearly distinguished from the description
  • Post only resources you have consumed yourself, no “I’ve heard that…”
  • Any associations with the resources, publishers or any other affiliation or relation must be disclosed in the original posting
  • Affiliated links are only accepted if the earnings go the OpenTechSchool Foundation directly and may otherwise be removed without question
  • Credit where credit is due
  • Critique on posted resources welcome, other further links and resources, too
  • We keep the right to later change (posting) permissions to only allow known OpenTechSchool coaches to create topics.