About the Job Board category

The Job Board category should allow companies to advertise job offers among learners of OpenTechSchool and Hackership. But there are some rules, if you want to advertise here.


  • state clearly what level you are looking for, where it is located, which position it is in, size of the team and company
  • the Title should contain: position, place and company name
  • no three page pitches – keep it brief and use links where necessary (we can google!)
  • no recruiting agencies - you name the company, the position and give
    an email-address to be directly contacted at
  • the posting has to be inviting and friendly (as described in the geekfeminism wiki) – no ninja, experts, etc
  • you need to be comfortable having people apply that are still learning – recommend that you show how you help them learn
  • you better be comfortable being approached with questions directly in private messages through discourse before-hand
  • it should be stated clearly what the hiring process is onwards, who will be interviewing
  • posts are public (meaning they can be found with search engines)
  • will be automatically closed 30days in
  • we especially like: remote-work, flexible hours, part-time

Breaking the rules

Not obeying the rules, we may delete the post and ban the source account without any further warning. In general, we reserve the right to remove postings without any reason mentioned.