Analyzing our offline and online social networks

Hey, as I mentioned in the intro thread, I would love to hack around with social network data. Here is one project I would like to pitch in this context :slight_smile:

Motivation: Social network analysis is a tool to understand a wide range of social phenomena, such as information flow, social influence, trust, spread of epidemics and happiness. It even sheds a light on less likely phenomena such as your likelihood of getting a divorces, finding your dream job or your political opinions.

Analyzing our own social networks might give us some insights how these phenomena affect ourselves.

Goal: Build a tool to capture, compare and visualize our offline and online social networks

Possible steps to get there:

  • Define the metrics to compare online and offline networks on (e.g. size, sub communities / cliques, centrality, …)
  • Define and implement a survey to capture the relevant properties from your offline network
  • Define and implement a process to extract the relevant properties from your online network (e.g. Twitter or Facebook, using their APIs)
  • Compare the networks base on the metrics we defined
  • Present the results visually

Skills or interests needed

  • Survey design
  • API coding
  • Web development / UI development
  • Statistics / Mathematics
  • Social network analysis
  • Data visualization

I can contribute to most of these areas, and would be happy to have a few collaborators join me.

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