[Documentation] 100 Human Experiences

100 Human Experiences

An empathy network based on the experiences we take turns on through life


  • Rachel
  • Nina
  • Francis
  • Kaya
  • Luíza


  • Paper
  • Pens
  • Questionnaires
  • Cytoscape software


There is a lot of experiences that are shared by humans, some of them more than others. But there are experiences that change our lives and define us as the individuals we are today.
So, what is an experience?
What is a significant experience?
Are there emotions attached to these experiences?
Does a significant experience has a positive or a negative impact on one´s life?
How many experiences are there? 100?
Are they the same to everybody?

The idea is to ask people attending #SHDB17 to take a break from the hackathon and think about the most defining experiences of their lives out of the 100 experiences list we provided.

Either stating their own names or creating alias, the hackers accepted the invitation to think about their lives and bring up the emotions and outcomes associated to their most significant experiences.

With the questionnaires of 30 people in our hands, we decided to build an empathy network in which everybody was connected to their experiences and the experiences were connecting people. The experiences were bringing empathy.

Network was builded usint Cytoscape software. The more shared an experience was, the bigger was its hub. The red connections represent negative outputs/emotions associated to that experience, while blue connection was associated to positive output/emotions. Purple connections were given to neutral experiences.


The entire “raw data” and the image of the network are here:

The file for the 2 min presentation we made is here:



There is a link with the questionnaire here:
We encourage people to take it whenever and also invite people to take a break and ask about the experiences that bring us humans together.