Are membership applications acted upon?

I see a couple of membership applications on Discourse which have never been acted upon, AFAICT from both, Discourse @Foundation and Google Groups foundation.members@.

@anaketa, @xMartin, @rachel? @ben?

True. We’re not doing that at the moment. Hope to do that very soon as we’re currently finishing 2015 membership confirmations.

There’s an automatic email telling them that their application has been received and the bank details of where to wire the membership fee to. They are also reminded that according to the statues they are only a member once they started paying.

Other than that we haven’t been doing any further follow ups with those.

Shouldn’t we do some kind of tracking? (I thought either Discourse or Google Groups was the canonical source, but apparently I’m mistaken.) We need this for legal reasons.

Can you be more specific about the legal requirements?

We’re currently compiling a list of 2015 membership payments.

Aha, payments is another way to track it.