Moving Discourse

Hello everyone,

it was long overdue but I eventually started moving the discourse (and some other technical IP) from my personal accounts onto OpenTechSchool owned (and paid) servers. The beginning made this forum this morning. You’ll now find it under a new IP, while the DNS caches are refreshing. The old instance is still online but in read-only and will be turned off by the end of the week.

This is the status update:

  • [*] Upgrade Discourse install
  • [*] Move Discourse to new hoster
  • [*] relink DNS to new instance (waiting for caches to refresh)
  • [*] reinstall (and upgrade to latest) Plugins
  • [ ] Move DNS from private godaddy account to new (OTS) gandi account

One of the plugins, that will be newly installed is the shared-edits plugin allowing us to grant other users the right to change ones post. This should sufficient enough to do email-editing and shared “wiki”-like posts – the main usage of the etherpad we had. As a result of that, etherpad will not be moved and just turned off (as it was buggy as hell anyways).

Happy easter everybody!

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