Call for Coaches - Python for beginners Workshop

Hi everybody,

I would like to organize a “Introduction to Programming with Python” workshop. I have not checked with co.op yet but I propose July 25 (Saturday).

So if there are a few who want to coach (besides me) I will set up the event at Meetup and try to secure the location.

Best wishes,



Great initiative! :slight_smile: Tagging some potential coaches here:
@haiko @ben @amelie @andreas @chiara
Please suggest and tag more Python coaches! :smile:

I’m in!

@florian :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, for that date I raise OutOfCountryError.

I’m in, too.
I would try to get a “reservation” of co.up.
How is this usually done? Just call, write an email? Who is the right contact?

Regards, Inka

Hi everyone,

unfortunately co.up is not available on the originally planned date.

Does anyone like to coach the course one week earlier, i.e. July 18th ?

Thanks and regards,

OK. July 18th it is!@haiko @ben @amelie @andreas @chiara @ellen are you in?

Unfortunately I cannot make it that day.

I’m traveling to EuroPython in Spain the next day. I can join if there are not enough coaches but would prefere to prepare my journet :wink:

I should be able to make that, yes.

Should be fine for me.

I should be able to coach! You may know me from my coaching at the OTS Python Co-Learning Group…

Please note that there are about 9 other venues the Berlin chapter has available.

Hi Matthias, did you find enough coaches for the workshop?

Hi @ben, @chiara, @keen, @MisterRios, I hope you are still in for saturday.

If yes, we are 6 coaches in total (the four of you, myself, and patrick (a friend of mine)) . On, we have 35 learners.

So taking the usual no-show rate into account, I guess we should be enough coaches (@andreas, @ellen: Do you agree?)

So @andreas, if you have time to come, we are more than happy to have you as a coach, however, if you need to prepare your journey, we should be fine…

Looking forward to see you next saturday,

If we are short than I can come, sure :slight_smile: . Usual time and place I suppose.

@ben: Yes, we are counting on you:) Co-op. 1pm.

CU saturday,


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Hey @ben, @chiara, @MisterRios,

does anybody of you have a key for co-up? If not, I can provide mine.



Will be there (might be a little late) but I don’t have keys…