Call for coaches - git workshop in Berlin

We are organising the Social Coding with GitHub workshop on Saturday, April 26th and are looking for coaches. It will be at co-up, probably starting around 2pm. If you would like to help out, please reply in this thread.


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Make sure you get the coaches to create their own (pulled, pushed & up-to-date) forks of the undergound repo before the event, so that learners can fork from them and then PR back which can finally be submitted back to the main repo :slight_smile:

It can be

A) handy to show url’s of the coaches repos so learners can grab one easily (or distribute them another way you like best)

B) Great to show the commit log of the main repo (on a projector, etc?) to see it updating as the workshop goes on!

Hey Haiko did you also write in the old Git workshop mailinglist?

Hey everybody,
so I opened up a Google Docs with a list, where people who want to coach can put their name and the link to the fork of the original repo as mentioned by @matthew.
Here’s the link
(Everybody can edit, so please don’t mess with it)

@anaketa Yes, I think @haiko did so at the weekend.

Have a good week,


You could have made it a google-forms-registration thing, then anonymous could only add (and edit their own entry later)…

@ben Did not know such a thing exists - you never stop to learn… Anyhow, let’s just hope people behave :wink:

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Hi, i added myself to the google doc and want say here that i’m in for helping/coaching at the workshop.


So, according to the Google Docs doc, we have five coaches. Not that many, but I guess we can announce the workshop on Meetup with about 25 slots. Sounds reasonable?

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YES. Let’s go!

co-up asked us to move the workshop to the next day, April 27th. Does that change how many coaches we have? @Kay @Ben @staeff @xMartin (?)
If not, I would suggest we go ahead and our workshop organizer @Kaj creates the event on Meetup. :wink:

I am also available on the 27th!

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me, too. Go for it.

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No Problem for me, I have no access to Meetup though. I thought @Ellen said, that she would do so. Could be wrong though…

That aside, it fits for me as well.

Have a nice weekend,

Yup, I volunteered to put the event on meetup. Will do :slight_smile: Just give me a description & time slot and I will create it.

Here is the description I came up with, may have taken an idea or two from Rachels AR-Workshop-Description :smiley:

Would be great if somebody could double check on the spelling. Also I estimated the times. I think we could either to 10-14 or 14-18, which would also depend on the availabillity of the coaches.

Taking over the world with GitHub – An Intro to social coding

April 27th, 14 – 18???
Adalbertstr. 7-8, Berlin-Kreuzberg – up on the 3rd floor

In this workshop you will be introduced to the social side of coding. We will
therefore use the most popular site for social programming: GitHub.
The weapon of our choice will be Git, a Source Code Management (SCM)
tool. This tool keeps a copy of every version of a file in your
repository - wether it is code or an important paper.

The course itself is going to have to parts. In the first part we will
get you up and running with Git and GitHub. You will create a simple
repository and get it on GitHub. During the second half we will show
you some of the really neat things you can do with GitHub.
We will welcome you to the Underground - a secret organisation planning world
domination. Here you will help us to create a list of the best cafes,
bars and restaurants around the globe. After all: Nobody wants to take over the world
with an empty stomach.

RSVPs will open on April 16, 2014 Wednesday. Unfortunately the Underground
only can accommodate a limited number of people, so please keep the list
up to date.
We are still looking for people to help us coach. If you
are interested in helping people get started with Git, please let us
know with a posting in this discussion.
(link to here: Call for coaches - git workshop in Berlin)

Since nobody is answering I assume 10-14 (or however long we need) will be fine. @ellen could you put up the Meetup-Page? Maybe including a call for coaches, because there are only six of us. I have little experience, but I would say 6 coaches for around 30 people?

Happy Easter everybody,

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There you are:
Let me know if you want an e-mail announcement sent out to the whole meetup group.

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Thank you very much @ellen. Does anyone have a key to coop or do I need to organize one? Also we are currently just six coaches, with 30 people going (excluding @ellen and @ben). But maybe that’s abput right, otherwise I would have proposed that you too might delete you rsvp, so we can host more people. Anyhow, if you know anybody who could coach, that’ll be great.

Enjoy the evening

This will be over approximately by 2p.m. right? Because I have plans later in the afternoon (I can stick around until maybe 2:30p.m. or 3p.m. but not much longer).
If so count me in as a coach!

Hey Kaj,

if we find more coaches, I can always increase the limit of people that can sign up. I set the limit manually to 30 +2 people, but that can change.