Codemotion October 2017

Codemotion is a big tech conference born in Italy and since some years also happening here in Berlin.
In italy they are pretty big, here not so big (around 500 ppl) but still quite interesting and known.
They are making a lot of effort to be as inclusive as possible, they are working on diversity tickets and in previous editions they already collaborate with railsGirls and others.
They reserve a Community Stage for local communities which make an impact on diversity, OpenSource and sensitive issues in technology.
They approach us asking if we would be interested in hold a Community talk or hold a workshop.
Workshop cannot last longer then 1 hour, which is definitely tight.

While i generally think is a nice Conference and nice opportunity for us to networking with new people and other community as well, there is the main problem that the Conference is not for free. Is around 200€ per person.
Codemotion is aware of our values and knows we don’t do workshop or session to a paid conference.
Last year they offer free tickets to RailsGirls participants which it was way too much for them and they cannot offer the same this year.
They said they are working with their sponsor to get diversity tickets and they will let us know about it.
I think it could be good for us to go there and give a talk, mostly to rech different people from our usual crowd.
Talk cannot be pure introduction-talk but can be about some particular workflow or technique we use in our community.
They don’t give theme, they just have to be about Tech.

Here is the protocol of our meeting:
Protocol: Codemotion Berlin 2017 x OpenTechSchool BLN

Call participants: Nadine Schildhauer, Giorga Sambrotta

Time: 6pm

Date: July 19, 2017
Discussed topics:

  • Open Tech School is interested in either holding a talk during the conference at Community Stage


  • hosting a workshop before / after the conference

  • We try to find a sponsor for a potential workshop until the End of July / beginning of August if we don’t find one we drop further efforts into finding a sponsor

  • In case we don’t find sponsor for a potential workshop, Open Tech School is interested in holding a talk at the conference

  • The talk description would then be handed in by the end of August / beginning of September

  • A workshop during in the conference is not possible because attendees would have to buy conference tickets which against the rules of Open Tech School / all events need to accessible including no fees

Further suggestions / not discussed:

  • If you do a workshop before the event without us finding a sponsor: You could still raffle 2 tickets to the conference to potential participants
  • One team ticket would anyway go the person who will hold the talk

What do you think?