Anybody interested in running OTS events during CodeMotion Berlin?

Hey team,

I got approached by Linda from CodeMotion Berlin if we want to run some (free & open) workshops or meetups in the week of their CodeMotion conference. If I understood correctly, they would help with logistics, location, catering, and we would provide content and coaches.

One option for us to participate would be to run our CSS for beginners workshop as part of a two-day event together with the Rails Girls workshop that is proposed by the RG Berlin team. (cc @anaketa & @xMartin & @bastianalbers )

Let me know if you are interested or have specific questions.

Have a great weekend,


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I’d happily help running a workshop, but i’m away traveling at that time. I could ask the rest of the CSSclasses gang who are more from the CSSconf side if they are interested. I’m pretty sure we’d get enough good coaches for a CSS workshop.

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So i asked other CSSclasses people and Lukasz Klis would like to lead the effort here. I’ll give more details later.

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I’d love to help! :slight_smile: Looking forward to more details.

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Good to hear @lukasz! :slight_smile: I will inform Linda and let you know as soon as I get more information.

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I would like to help, too. The CSS and the Ruby workshop complement each other :smiley: