Community Call #15.12

The next —and this year’s last— edition of the OpenTechSchool Community Call is scheduled for December 15.

Community Call #15.12
Tuesday, December 15th
7pm CET
Google Hangouts

You can find the video call in the event linked above — please connect independently at the advertised time. The previous edition can be found on Discourse. Please also add your topics to the agenda.

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There is nothing on the agenda yet; paging @xMartin, @anaketa for stickers, @coderinheels for newsletter, @mamhoff for internationalization. @ben already said he’s not coming.

If there is nothing on the agenda by 6pm, we’ll cancel.

I’ve been superbusy over the last few weeks and have made no progress. The workshop did not happen, unfortunately, and there hasn’t been communication with the CSSClasses people on how best to proceed with translating their repo. So I have nothing good to report. Vote for canceling.

Okay, since nobody showed up or added anything to the agenda I’m calling it quits. Enjoy the holiday season — Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!