Community Call #15.11

The next edition of the OpenTechSchool Community Call is scheduled for November 16.

Community Call #15.11
Monday, November 16th
7pm CEST
Google Hangouts

You can find the video call in the event linked above — please connect independently at the advertised time. The previous edition can be found on Discourse. Please also add your topics to the agenda.

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I posted my findings about internal communication of other distributed organisations here.

I can summarize it tonight if wanted.

Reminder: This is happening today.

Paging @anaketa @coderinheels @anouk for newsletter, @xMartin @bastianalbers for IM infrastructure.

@ben: I’ve put you on the agenda. :blush:

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Thank you all for coming to this edition of the Community Call.

If you want to read everything about the fantastic work Berlin is doing with refugees, the revival of the Milan chapter, or how everything should just be a Discourse plugin — head directly to the meeting minutes.