Data Science - Co-Learning Meetup - Berlin

Hello Guys,

This is Ashish Kalra. I am working as a Data Science Lead with The Jodel Venture GmbH.

As now a days, data science is becoming a competent area in the organisation, I want to take this as an opportunity to look for the interests of the people towards Data Science - Co-Learning Group in Berlin.

I know there is a python co-learning group which may have some data scientists, but with the data science co-learning, I want to focus more about data science stuff which can be in python, R, C++ etc. If we will get enough people, that want to have data science co-learning meet-up regularly, I think, then we can think of launching one.

The key areas under consideration are -

  1. R
  2. Python
  3. Statistical Analysis
  4. Machine Learning
  5. Deep Learning and Neural Networks
  6. AI

Code of conduct will be inherited from OTS.

Reply with :+1: if interested.

Best Regards,
Ashish Kalra


Thanks for proposing this! I think we had a pretty similar effort quite a while ago.

@ellen @chiara

Sounds great. If the chosen date fits within my schedule, I’d be happy to volunteer as a coach (I work as a data scientist as well).


so why it is not started then?

Events need some organization work and commitment. We also try to make sure there’s more than one Co-Organizer to keep things sustainable. Do you have an idea, when, how often and where you’d like this to happen?

when : I would like to start it from December
How Often : Every second week
Where : Haven’t thought about it. Even my office would be fine too.

hey I would be interested in this!

Hey Ashish,

I think is a great a idea! As a coach in the python co-learning group, I can say that a big chunck of the people attending are interested in datascience.

Here are some remarks from my own Python co-learning experience:

  • Many people focused on programming skills. That is:
    coding (python, R…etc) --> (good) datascientist.
    From my own personal experience I would affirm the previous statement is incorrect. Although coding is a very valuable skill which gives the person a lot of autonomy, the main goal of a datascientist should be to develop great algorithms, or take data-driven business decision. Python (in this case) is the mean not the goal.

  • Math is mostly ignored. I encountered many times people doing machine learning courses which treat algorithm as “black boxes” they learn what they do, but dont know how. So far, I haven’t encountered yet an out-of-the-box algorithm which is performant, data science involve a lot of parameter tunning, patching, data munging …etc. It is key to know the internal workings of algorithms which involve way more algebra, statistic, or analysis than coding.

  • (This comes from my meetup experience in general) In Berlin there is a huge skill gap between people who attend DS meetups. There is either the “pros” (people with scientific background, codings skills

base on the previous two points, I have the following remarks:

  • I would focus more on the algorithmik thinking than coding skillls, people who want to learn how to code in parallel there is the python, ruby, frontend colearning group (there was also an R group at some point now that I recall). Again I would state it as focus, of course people with questions about python, R, C++ would be also wellcome.

  • DS is way more ambiguous than coding. For example as, I have no experience in with NLP (although I want to dig in it soon) I would need to do some research before I could guide someone. With python although everyone has a different expertise, the fundamental basic knowledge is common.

Now to the organizational stuff:

Anyways I found it a really good idea :+1: I would be also in.


i would also be interested in this

I have also interest

I’d also be interested.

Also interested! :sparkles:

The last comment was a while ago… Are there any news about (regular) events?
I would be interested as well, more as a participant but with some basic knowledge and a lot of motivation. I’m doing my Master in Statistics right now and want to specialize on Data Science, already used python and R, but wouldn’t feel confident in teaching anyone yet.

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I would be very interested in something like this. I’ve attended the Python co-learning a few times. It’s great, but unfortunately I usually work Monday nights. If the DS co-learning falls on any night other than Monday or Thursday, I would be there every time.

Are there any options for a small, motivated group of regular learners with a loose curriculum and a mentor/coach? Something like that might more viable long-term: more team feeling, less overhead.

Good news, this is happening!

We will most likely set up a Data Science Co-Learning every second Thursday night (super sorry @gershom!)

We are having a first meeting Thursday, 19 April, 19:30h at Spektrum. Everybody interested in learning, coaching or organizing is welcome to join to discuss the format, topics, technologies, expectations, location…

Meetup event, please sign up!

Feel free to bring your computer to start hacking, too :slight_smile:

We are excited to see everyone there!