"R & statistical data analysis" co-learning group

Hey Berliners,

I took the liberty to start a new OTS co-learning group for R & Statistical data analysis (because this is something I am personally interested in right now, and I met someone at the last learners meetup who is as well). I just realized that I did not really discuss this with anybody else, so consider this my formal request to host this under the OTS umbrella :smile:

I don’t see anything that would speak against having this as an OTS event, however, if anybody does, please speak up now! :smile: The whole project is still in the “gathering interest” stage, so it would be quite easy to let it die or move out of OTS if I had to.



P.S: If anybody wants to join as a learner or coach, you are very much invited!

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I’d love to but my calendar tells me not to add more evening activities D:

What about finding a way to add R coaches to the Python group and let learners know? Afaik, people end up using both languages for data science, and we’ve had quite a lot of people interested in this area at the Python group recently.

Hm, I though about that, but given that the Python co-learners group is already usually overbooked, I think that would get messy. I could see a point of creating a more general “Data Science” (or whatever) co-learning group that covers both Python and R and whatever else, but that too would mean a separate event on top of the existing Python co-learning. Besides, I have not been looking for R coaches yet, so at the moment the group would be extremely “co-learning” and I don’t have coaches to offer for the Python co-learning event :wink: