Organizers Meeting and Discourse Workshop 29.4

Hey, I found this action item that I should organize this…

Main agenda as far as I remember:

  • Updates of what’s going on in OTS Berlin land (or also global?)
  • Discourse workshop (@mamhoff)

How about we meet at 7pm at co.up? There will be the Web Frontend Co-Learning in the lounge and we can use the meeting room. We could do 45 mins of the usual round, then a short break and then about 90 mins workshop if there’s not other important things for the agenda.

The workshop should give an overview of what discourse can do and how to do it and an open Q&A/use-case/how-to session in my opinion.

Sounds reasonable?

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Is there any chance to get this recorded?

I can come, but I’ll probably be a bit late as I’m commuting in from Hamburg that evening.

@xMartin Cool that you are following through but I have plans already that night. +1 for the recording / screencast

I think we can easily record that. With mac for examples, no? We will find a way :slight_smile:

Hi Martin, this scheduled for?

I’d be ineresed in calling in, especially about the Discourse part.

Both myself and Duana are already attending another event that Wednesday, and I think Chiara has a German course, so there unfortunately won’t be any updates from the learners meetup. I could post something here, however.

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Hey @coderinheels i think it will be around 7.45/8.00 berlin time. I will be online, you can contact me here or hangout and we can make a call.

That’s of’course valid for everybody interestd to join remotely!

See you later :slight_smile:

@anaketa Just saw this. I can’t join now, but it’s ok, will catch up with you guys about this another time.

no problem. Seems no body is here tonight so let’s see what’s happen