[Documentation] DNA measurement

DIY Fluorometer

Checking quantity of DNA, reducing waste and time.

We also have a documentation on github: https://diy-fluorometer.github.io/documentation/


  • Michal Koudelka @gen-failure [OTS discourse: @Michal_Koudelka ]
  • Thomas Mboa @thomasmboa [OTS discourse: @thomasmboa ]
  • Martin , @xMartin [OTS discourse: @xMartin ]
  • Patrick @p---
  • Artiom Magomedov email him here! [OTS discourse: @Artiom ]
  • Moritz Ebeling-Rump @gen-failure
  • Lisa @lthalheimer [OTS discourse: @lisa ]
  • Robert @rgiessmann [OTS discourse: @r.giessmann ]
  • Theron @pftburger [OTS discourse: @pftburger ]

    • for the case:
      • MDF wood (3mm)
      • aluminum foil
      • lots of tape
    • for the measurement device / electronics:
    • for the server / client device; display:
      • Raspberry Pi
    • for the experiments:
      • Biozym 10 uL SafeSeal-Tips filter low binding
      • DNA dye: GelGreen
      • DNA sample: BIORON 1kb DNA Ladder (no stain), 0.2 mg/mL
      • Eppendorf micropipettors
      • 0.2 mL PCR tubes


    • laser cutter
    • hackers and their brains!


    please check the general project documentation on



    check on github:


    As you might have guessed already:


    • improving the optics (filters, LED)
    • integrating the electronics into the case
    • making the server reachable from other devices, e.g. smartphones, laptops, …
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    I uploaded some more photos: https://github.com/diy-fluorometer/documentation/tree/master/fotos

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    Hey! I just heard about this DIY fluorometer project from a EU grant a couple of years ago… https://github.com/BioDesignRealWorld/FluoMeter
    …just in case it’s useful. Did you guys know about it?

    Hi! Great stuff. Would love bein able to use it with my students but have no access to a laser cutter. Any standard sketch availabe with necesary measures so I can buld the housing manually? Thanks